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Telling the Whole Story

September 13, 2017
Staff Writer, Stacy LaPointe Once upon a time, maybe even yesterday, we read or saw a story. In fact, we’ve experienced many stories, both true and fictional. They’re intrinsic parts of our lives. Sometimes a story resonates with us as valuable, interesting, or simply real. In other cases, a

ReWritten — Legacy

August 16, 2017
Staff Writer, Stacy LaPointe Have you considered what you would like your personal legacy to be like?  It’s not something many of us consider seriously. Still, we all create one each day, little by little, whether we realize it or not; it’s not optional.  Perhaps one’s desired legacy is

Rewriting the Scripts: Futures for the Fatherless

August 13, 2017
Staff Writer, Stacy LaPointe The script seems so simple to have a good family—a home, a mom, a dad, and kids. Still, for so many children, a parent’s missing, a home’s broken, and often it’s the father who leaves in some way. He may be absent physically, financially, or emotionally.

We Have a Blog! “Love Rewrites Futures”

July 29, 2017
Staff Writer, Stacy LaPointe We feel so fancy—we’re bloggers! We blog. We use the word, “blog” now because we’re, you know, fancy, like we said. We don’t just post, we BLOG. We don’t just write articles, we post blogs. OK, maybe we’re getting a lot carried away, but you know,